Our services

Quite often our customers do believe they are not "large" enough to get a structured innovation. Most of the time, this a self-limitation theeir staff is good and large enough to widen and strengthen the company future products or services.

We propose some assumptions and give preliminary answers linked to our operationnal support

Your requests

What do you want : To develop confidentialy a new product ? To reduce non-quality items within design or manufacturing periods ? To learn how to collaborate with your customers ? To get additional funding for the implementation of your new strategy ?

Depending on the kind of innovation you would like to have, you have to face the constrainsts of real world (time, benefits ...) mostly linked to your financial performance.

To realistically innovate also means to set its borders and to define affordable targets. Lets have a check together to go further !

Your culture

"Innovation is only for big firms ..."

Wrong: It is sometimes easier when you are "small" (e.g. funding in Europe or typically in France)

« Projects are lasting for years, we can't afford that … »

Wrong: You can be part of a project, as partner or sub-contractor, and work according a specific time frame ... wether you are able to have this constraints declared when building up the project.

« Technology is not our cup of tea … »

Wrong ?: Whatever is your application domain, technique is always improving ... You are in charge to keep updated your standards but also to figure out and propose new solutions to your customers.

Your time sheet

Your request is for now, in a few months or in a next future ? Are you making a bid or figuring out one coming ?

Are you able to split emergency and important to prepare ? We support you to do it.

Our services

Depending on your requests, our services are adjusted or fully re-defined. Our experience allows us to be flexible around our basic know-hows :

  • Confidential Development
  • Collaborative Development
  • Training and Change management

Why are we different ?

We are different because we solve the problem counterclockwise. We don't ask you to enter within a rigid frame. We work from your industrial need and from your day to day real life constraints. Our know-how is also to be able to re-formulate and adjust your requests in order to make them acceptable by public funders.