Collaborative Development

For our customers who think it is more gainful to develop collaboration, we propose to support their innovation strategy, while protecting their interests and being open to new opportunities.

Mainly we have to develop existing capacities, adding new know-hows, products or services but including a pre-defined will to handle vs control the whole project (Partnership vs Leadership).

We propose support in:

  • Balance sheet and Diagnosis
Global know-how, quality process of internal innovation rules ...

  • Funding and Financial accompaniment in collaborative projects
Seek for funding (OSEO, Region, State, Europe ...) for preparation, building-up and management periods of innovative projects.

Global handling of financial matters in innovation projects (all funding sources, taxes reductions (CIR), financial follow-ups and reviews ...)

  • Accompaniment or management of collaborative projects
Progressive training and education of your teams in order to manage properly a collaborative project (partnership, leadership, European and French funded projects ...)

Free-lance project manager

  • Training / Accompaniment on innovating projects
Training and education transfer of your teams from an industrial project management towards an innovating project management.

  • Specific training upon customer request