Confidential Development

For our customers requesting a strict security and confidentiality about their projects, we propose them to help in the strategy development and in the setting to work of their new internal innovation process (deployment).

Within this frame, we have to improve the existing potentialities of the company or cluster. We provide assistance in:

  • Balance sheet / Diagnosis
mainly upon real technical know-hows, capability to change ...

  • Process improvements (Performances improvements)
Evidence of dysfunction, analysis, proposals and setting to work of alternative solutions, accompaniment in process changes (Research vs development, outsourced functions, quality changes ...)

  • Link between Industry and Academic Research
Seek for joined and well-balanced projects (definition, negociation and acceptance of both constraints, technological maturity, Intellectual Property ...)
  • Innovating Project Management or coaching
Management of both preparation / selection and running phases of the project, with academic partners and internal project leader coaching.
Free-lance project manager.

  • Specific customer requests