Training and Change Management

We believe change management is not obvious, and so we propose assistance to our customers before and while they implement their new innovation strategy or projects.

The main target is to have all the staff fully operational when time has arrived to change. This can be done both to the company managers (Advisory) or to your standard teams (Trainings)

Our support can be (examples):

  • Advisory: Building-up of your own industrial innovation process (R&D - R&T - Marketing)
  • Advisory: Accompaniment of your R&T management
  • Training: Innovating and collaboratibe project management
Partner or pilot, industrial property, consortium agreement, multisite team management, budget control and reporting, how to allow innovation ...
  • Training: Industrial creativity "Widen your horizon"
Ask details about Blue Oceans Strategy, Business canvass, Reengineering ...
  • Accompaniment / Coaching of your projects leaders
Preparation, Setting to work, double budget contro, allowance of new ideas vs focus on results, risk management ...