To innovate ? Why ?


Why or What for ?


First to differentiate from your competitors and merely better sell your solutions, but also to provide products or services nowhere else available.

Second to be a better performer internally (products, process, services) and because your teams will invest in it (their future).

Third, to let competitors copy or let them able to copy (licensing?) in a new world, full of new opportunities (largers markets, new energies, sustainability ...).

Some reminders

Quelques rappels

To innovate, to use or develop your Research and Development is now mandatory for SME, alone or in clusters, because your customers ask or request it.

Yes, of course, but how ? Who should explain or help to ? What about funding or resources ?

To innovate (in the European meaning), is doing doing a first prototype within your market. Technology is one of the available means, but this is not the only one !

To innovate, this is also transposition of existing solutions in newer domains.

To innovate, this is also to re-engineer standard functions or solutions with new and updated approaches, without waiting to adopt the market standards or the new staff coming with their ideas and knowledges, thus chasing the useful knowledge where it lays.

To innovate, this is obviously find and strengthen new industrial applications to available Research results.

To innovate, this is developping trust and confidence in your teams day-to-day concerns and make their job more efficient.


In France, but also probably in your country, there is a lot of funding possibilities "to dare innovation", with partial direct help of State or Regions (Pôles de compétitivité, clusters,  liens avec laboratoires …) or standard banking aids (Oséo, Région, Etat, Europe …) and financial incenties (Company taxes credit for innovation, loans and grants …),

but you have to make a step forward … and so to innovate in your habits.

Based on our sound experience, we propose to accompany the whole process of your innovation, preparing with you ideas and implementation (using our experience in bugs, difficulties and some subtleties, and in training your teams.