Who are we ?

Our Job


AGIS NOVE (lat. nove agis : you act/do with a new way) is your outsourced Innovation-Research & Development activity (Advisory and operationnal services).

AGIS NOVE allows you to expand business and application markets while supporting your company efforts to develop your ability to innovate (product, process, services ...), in a progressive and controlled process, through the new projects, products or services you want to implement within your company.

In order to settle internally a complete set of capabilities, we provide support :

-      in the generation of new ideas and their transformation in operationnal actions

-      in the specific improvements requested by your targets about innovation.


Acting concurrently with the National or European public efforts and means, with regard to your needs and existing know-hows, we support your re-positionning on :

-      Use of the requested controled and sustainable Technologies,

-      Adapted use of your present staff to develop innovation

-      Access to the available public funding (so far only French R&D funding).

-      New industrial collaborative work (e.g in Small and Medium Enterprises groups or clusters)


With your will to change and develop your innovation, our sound experience and know-how (process, methods ...) your customers will note and appreciate your capability to figure out and build a sustainable future with regard to the most optimized global cost.